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165,000 Watts - WLDM Detroit - Stereo 95.5

Detroit's first independently owned stand-alone FM station

A Tribute and Memorial Site to Detroit's Pioneer FM and FM Stereo Station WLDM, The Lincoln Broadcasting Company, and it's founder and owner Harold I. Tanner. A history of Firsts in Detroit Radio. From 1948 until 1978, 30 years as Detroit's most successful Beautiful Music Station. The purpose of this website is not to cover the history of FM broadcasting, or the history of Detroit radio. But rather how such history influenced and shaped the conception and development of WLDM over it's 30 years. And more importantly, how what was pioneered and learned at WLDM influenced and shaped the development and growth of FM broadcasting across the country. Harold was chairman of the NAB's FM radio committee for many years, and instrumental in promoting EVERYTHING ABOUT FM. After being in radio broadcasting for 40 years, with WLDM being my first, third and fifth job, i decided to create this website. A labor of love of sorts. WLDM may be long gone, but it's NOT forgotten.

Founder and Owner, Harold I. Tanner

Built in 1948, the original BLAW-KNOX H-21 tower still stands, now radiating the 100,000 watt signal of Clear Channel's WKQI 95.5


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Special thanks to former WLDM staffers Bill Chappell, Jerry Krinock, Mike Murray and Henrietta Jennings for their valuable contributions to the website! Special thanks also to former Oak Park Mayor Jerry Naftaly and to "Radio's Best Friend" Art Vuolo for their essential contributions!


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